Russia the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
Vladikavkaz Block 3, 8 Dovatora prospect
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Our production:

  • Footwear fabrics
  • Fabrics for an interior decoration of cars;
  • Non-woven fabrics for use in construction;
  • A basis for a leatherette and linoleum;
  • Heat and soundproofing nonwoven fabrics;
  • Fabrics for the furniture industry;
  • Combined textile and non-woven fabrics;
  • Home slippers;
  • Non-woven tapestries.

The product range is presented by different colors and textures.

Our products are made from high-quality primary raw materials, fully meet modern market requirements, have sanitary and epidemiological certificates, a laboratory test protocol and a Declaration of Conformity.

Our company is constantly upgrading its equipment, which allows us to improve the quality and expand the range of products on a regular basis.

The flexible production process and highly qualified specialists make it possible to develop our product in accordance with the requirements of individual consumers.

The office and warehouse are located nearby.

All products have a flexible discount system.