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For more than 20 years, “Arteks” LLC has been producing non-woven needle-punching fabrics.

We produce the following types of fabrics:

  • woolen made of fleece, including thermobonded woolen cloths,
  • synthetic, colored
  • flax-containing,
  • combined.

A wide range of natural (woolen), linen and primary synthetic fabrics helps us find our customers in various parts of our country.

Constant orders from our clients indicate the high quality of our non-woven fabrics. We care that our products quality make fabrics only from primary quality raw materials. All types of fabricseet modern requirements, have sanitary and epidemiological certificates, laboratory test protocols and Eurasian Economic Union Declarations of Conformity. Our clients can, also, order a special fabric with individual features.

If our client orders more than 2000 running meters permonth, we can produce a fabric according to specific requirements, taking into account the nuances of a production, the acceptable cost of materials and other details.

Advantages of non-woven fabrics:

  • environmental friendliness
  • resistance to external factors: rot, decomposition, bacterial effects and parasites
  • long service life of materials (up to 100 years)
  • ease of use (fabrics are easily cut by any type of equipment, are not showered, can be glued, stitched, punched, laminated).

Characteristics of fabrics:
– standard roll width – 150 cm,
– density of fabrics from 200 grams per sq. m.

Our products are used in such industries as: shoe production (baize, rolls, insoles) geotextile roofing materials automotive industry agriculture personal protective equipment, etc.

We have a system of discounts on products for our regular customers.

It is also possible to send samples of manufactured products.